Software Development



Which statement do  you MOST agree with:

1.       It is not important which development language you use. The language is just a tool.

 The “best language” to develop an application depends on the kind and type of application. For example, Java might be the best language for some types of applications, but for others Python is best.


2.       I often look for open source solutions (free libraries on the Internet), rather than “re-invent the wheel”.

3.       I often explore new tools so I can be more efficient in my job.

4.       I prefer:

Paired programming

  Individual programming

Both are fine


5.       I am willing to learn to code in any language.




6.       I  am really passionate for this programming language Image result for text input field

7.       In my next job, I would like to program inImage result for text input field.


8.       I like to code on something that has never been done before (you CANNOT find sample code online)


9.       I rate a coder as better if he or she writes LESS code.


10.   I can code in any language.




11.   Have you ever heard of Dennis Ritchie?