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Related imagePC Software

(Windows, Macintosh, Linux/Unix)

Related imageSaaS - Software as a service

Information Systems

Related imageInternet Services

Cloud Computing Services

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 Image result for Embedded Software  icon Embedded Software


Data related

Data Manipulation Software

Data Mining

Data Shippers

Data Cleaning Tool

Data Warehouse Software

Big Data Software

Business Intelligence

EFI Auto-Count 4D

Predictive Analytics Software

Data Visualization

Data Management Platform (DMP) Software

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Software

Master Data Management (MDM) Software

Data Security Software

Electronic Data Capture Software

Data Mining Software

Text Mining Software

Heatmap Software

Customer Data Platform (CDP) Software

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Software

App Intelligence

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Data Intelligence Platform




Database Software

NoSQL Database

Key-Value Database


Type of Business

Business-to-business (B2B)

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

Business-to-government (B2G)

Consumer-to-consumer (C2C)

Government to consumer (G2C)

Government-to-business (G2B)


Engineering related

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Computer-aided engineering (CAE)

Modeling Software

Engineering software

3D Printing

Interior Design Software

Simulation Software

Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) Software

Computer-Aided Manufacturing Software

Simulation Software


Enterprise Applications Software



Storage Related

Backup Software

Storage Software

Archiving Software


Navigation Related

Car Navigation Software

Mapping Software

GPS Software

Navigation Software


GPS Tools

Geolocation Tool

GeoLocation Solution



Collaboration/Communication Related

Collaboration Software

Collaboration Tools

Communication Software


Scheduling software

Web Conferencing Software

Unified Communications Software

Instant Messenger

Chat Stickers

Messaging Tool

Unified Communications & Collaboration Software


Productivity Related

Productivity Software

Productivity Tools

Desktop Publishing

Graphics Software

Online Publishing

Word Processor

Workspace Utilization Tool

Productivity Suite

Paint and Image Editing Software

Online Designing Tool

Drawing App

Address Book App

Lightweight Issue-tracker for Small Teams


Game related

Game Software

Animation Software


Consumer related

Educational Software

Cultural Software

Consumer Software

Referral Software

Fitness Software

Home Expense Billing Software

Personal Tax Software

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) Software

Personal Finance Software




Document Related

Document Solutions

Document Management

Content Management Software


Mission Critical Related

Mission Critical Software

Real time Computing


Search Related

Search Software

Recommendation System

Enterprise Search Software

Desktop Search Software


Other Software

Scientific Software

Legal Software

Facility Management Software

Compliance Management Software

Drone Software

Membership Software

E-Commerce Tools

Awards Management Software

Kiosk Software

Help Authoring Tool (HAT) Software




Incident Response Software

Auction Software

G Suite


Managed Services


Text Editing


Computer-Assisted Translation Software

Incident Response Software

Localization Software

Managed service provider (MSP) software

Property Management Software

Remote Support Software

Small-Business Software

Speech Recognition Software

Video Technology

Parental Control Software

Digital Home Products



Corporate LMS Software

Learning Experience Platform (LEP) Software


Development/Testing Related

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Mobile App Development Software

Software Development Tools

IoT Business App Development Platform


Development Tools

Software Component


Application lifecycle management (ALM)

Continuous Deployment Software

Continuous Integration Software

Test Automation Software

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Software

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Software

Developer APIs

Developer Tools

Development Platforms

Cloud Application Platform

Software Modeling Tool

Agile Project Management Tool

DevOps Tool

Version Control Management System

Repository Management Tool

Server Distribution

Value Stream Management platform


Sales and Marketing related

PR Software

Sales Software

Marketing Software

Marketing Platform

Brand Awareness Platform

Product Lifecycle Management Software

Event Registration Software

Social Media Software

Product Management Software

Membership Management Solution

Visitor Management System

Attendance Management System



Japanese String Recognition Engine

Formula Recognition Engine

Educational English Recognition Engine

Calligraphy Learning System

Handwriting Application Development Tool

Handwritten Data Entry Form Creation Tool

Scoring Support System

Contracted Handwriting Application Development

Handwritten OCR Engine


Multimedia related

Video Software

Multimedia Software

Editing Software

Image  Software

Audio  Software

Text Editor

Photo Editing Software

Video Chat

Video Conferencing

Video Editing

Video transmission system

MPEG SDK library

Speech Synthesis Software

3D Audio Software

Video Analysis App

Cloud based Bookmark Sync Service


Computer Graphics

TV Anime Computer Graphics

Live Action Films Computer Graphics

Animation Films Computer Graphics

Games Computer Graphics


Security Related

Email Security

Anti Phishing Mail Gateway

USB Memory Stick Security Software

Cipher Algorithm

Surveillance Software

Access Control Software

Cybersecurity Software

Security Software

Biometrics Software

Electronic Identification Software

Biometric Authentication

Cyber Security

Network Security Software

Adaptive Security Architecture

Cloud Security

Cyber Security Solution

Antivirus Software

Integrated Cyber Defense

Advanced Threat Protection

Information Protection

Endpoint Security

Email Security

Network Security

Cloud Security Services

Business Security

Advanced Threat Defense

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Email Security

Web Application Firewall

Application Delivery Controller

Denial of Service Attack (DDoS)

Security Operations

Enterprise Video Security

Web Security Solution

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Web Application Firewall

Multimedia messaging service (MMS) Protection

GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) Protection

Security Information & Event Management System (SIEM)

Anti-Virus Software

Internet Security

Total Security

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Endpoint Security

Cybersecurity Services

Cloud Security

WebTrust-certified certificate authority (CAs)

Web Application Firewall

Archiving and Compliance Solution

Cloud App Security

Digital Risk Protection

Email Protection

Information Protection

Security Awareness Training

Product Bundles

Nexus Platform


Security Solution for Industry

Automotive Security

Education Security

Financial Services Security

Global Service Providers Security

Industrial Control Systems Security

Healthcare Security

Retail Security

Federal Government Security

State & Local Government Security

Education Security

Financial Services Security

Government Security

Hospitality Security

Retail Security

SCADA / Industrial Control Security

Email Security

Cloud Security


Maintenance and administration


AI Related

Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented Reality (AR)

VR/AR Advertising

GREE VR Studio

Live Entertainment Business

Machine Learning Software

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software

Computer Vision Software

Image Recognition Software

Cognitive Computing

Interactive Voice Response

Speech Recognition

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform

Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform

Game Prediction AI Solution

Natural Language Generation (NLG) Software

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software

Deep Learning

AI Solutions

Face Recognition System


AI Dialogue System

AI Platform

Machine Learning Platform

Deep Learning Platform

Stock Prediction Software

3D Face Recognition Technology

Emotion Recognition

Vocal Emotion Recognition Software

Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform

Embedded Deep Learning Solution

Deep Learning Solution

Deep Learning Software

Software for robotics and autonomous vehicles

Deep Learning Hardware Kit


RPA Industry Solution

BPO RPA Solution

Finance & Banking RPA Solution

Insurance RPA Solution

Healthcare RPA Solution

Telecom RPA Solution

Manufacturing RPA Solution

Public Sector RPA Solution

Retail & CPG RPA Solution

BPA RPA Solution



System Software

Operating System

Driver Software

Firmware (BIOS or UEFI)

Programing Language

Memory Profiler

Programming Language Translators (compilers, assemblers and interpreters)

Utility Tools

Windows components

Desktop Enhancement

File Management Software

Screen Capture Application


Infrastructure Related

Virtualization Software

Device Management Software

Remote Access Service (RAS)

Monitoring Software

Infrastructure Management Software

Infrastructure Monitoring Software

M2M Software

Enterprise Application Integration

Measurement and Automation Software

EDI Software

Internet Infrastructure

Web Server

DevOps Software

CI/CD Software

Container Management Software

Serverless Computing

Load Balancing Software

Load Balancing Platform


Network Monitoring Software

Server Management Software

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Software

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software

Log Management Software

High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) Software

Server virtualization Software

IT Asset Administration Software

Information Assessment System

Confidential Information Protection Software



Data Integration Middleware



3D Building Tools

Optitex Textile 3D Design

Digital Print Servers Software

3D Geometry Software

3D Data

CAD Data Exchange and Optimization Solution

CAD Migration

CAD Data Software


Drawings Changes Software

3D Drawings  Translator Software

PDQ Verification Tool

CAD Development Tool


Digital Media Authoring

Bespoke Animation

Print Production Workflow Software





Payment Technology

Money Transfer

Stock/FX Trading Software

Lending Platform

Transaction Security Solution

Fintech Data Analytics

Wealth Management Platform

Treasury Management

Risk Management Solutions

Cryptocurrency Platform


Bitcoin Exchange


Web Related

Web Browser

Mobile Web Browser


Web Development Software

Web Conferencing Software

Video Blog


Home Software

Energy Consumption Tools



Cloud Sales Automation Software

Cloud Platform


Cloud Service Automation Software

Cloud Marketing Automation Software

Cloud Commerce Automation Software

Cloud Communities Software

Cloud Collaboration Software

Cloud Financial Services

Cloud Health Care

Cloud Government

Advertising Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Cloud App Deployment

Cloud Assessment Platform

Cloud IaaS

Cloud SaaS

Cloud Native

cloud Management Portal

cloud Management Service

Document Management Cloud for Life Science and Healthcare


Development Software


Web Software

Website Analytics

Website Management

Web Development

Web Performance Software

Browser Tools

Website Monitoring Software

Browser Extensions

Game Development Tools

Software Tool Collection

Web Development Tool

Source Control Program


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Software Development Platform

Software Development Software

Enterprise Application Development


Public Sector

Library Automation Software

Museum Software

Government Software

School Administration Software

Student Information System Software

Religious Software

Nonprofit Software


Personal Finance

Retirement & Wealth Platform Services


Accounting related

Lending Fraud Prevention Tool

Tax Data Tool



Device Management Software



Excel Add-In



Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)

Payroll systems

Order processing systems

Reservation systems

Stock control systems

Systems for payments and funds transfers


Office automation systems (OAS)


Management Information Systems (MIS)

Accounting information systems

Budgeting systems

Business Process Management (BPM)

Content management system (CMS)

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Business Process Content Management (BPCM)

Office Management System

Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Enterprise asset management (EAM)

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Finance and accounting information systems

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human Capital Management System

Inventory control systems

Management Reporting Systems (MRS)

Manufacturing and production information systems

Marketing information systems

Master data management (MDM)

Product data management (PDM)

Product lifecycle management (PLM)

Sales management systems

Supply chain management (SCM)

Supply chain analytics and logistics

Quality Management System (QMS)

Learning Management System (LMS)

Performance Management System (PMS)

Integrated Library System (ILS)

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Business Rule Management System (BRMS)

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)


Decision support systems (DSS)

Business intelligence

Business Intelligence Platform

Computer Supported Co-operative work (CSCW)

Data mining information systems

data warehouses

Expert Systems

Financial Planning systems

Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS)

Local Databases

Logistics Systems

Spreadsheet Models

Fulfillment Processes & Warehouse Inventory Management Solutions


Knowledge management systems (KMS)


Executive Support Systems (ESS)

Executive information systems (EIS)

Knowledge Management (KM)


Other Information Systems

School Information Management Systems (SIMS)

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Enterprise systems

Computer-aided design (CAD) systems

Virtual Reality System

Financial Workstations

Geographic information system

Global information system

Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)

Dealership Management System (DMS)

Operation Support System (OSS)


Enterprise Applications

Billing Management

Salary Software

Business Continuity Software

Business Process Management (BPM) Software

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software

Corporate Billing Software

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Software

Corporate Tax Software

Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Customer Success Software

Customer Support Software

Digital Asset Management Software

Document Management Software

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software

Enterprise Portal

Enterprise search engines

Enterprise Software

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Software

ERP Software

Management (MIS/ERP)


Expense Software

Field service management(FSM) software

Finance & Admin. Software

Finance Software

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Software

Human Resource Management (HRM) Software  

Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) Software

Intellectual Property Management Software

Inventory Management Software

Job Board Software

Knowledge Management Software

Logistics Software

Shipping Software


Low-code development platforms (LCDP)

Marketing Automation Software

Operations Management Software

Product Information Management (PIM) Software

Product Management Software

Professional Services Automation Software

Project Management Software

Public Relations Software

Quality Management (QMS)

Recruiting Software

Sales Software

security information and event management (SIEM) software

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software

Tax Software

Training Software

Warehouse Management Software

Private Social Networking

Social Media Marketing Software

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

Employee Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Managed Integration Services

Document Management System

Order Management System Platform Services

IT Ownership Platform

E-Learning System

Group Financial Management and Control System

Application System Integration Solution

Business  Transformation Platform

Restaurant Ordering Solution

Contact Management Solutions

Boarding Pass Software

Business Performance Tool


Marketing Software

SEO Management Tool

Brand Awareness Software

Landing Page Optimization Tool

A/B Test Tool

Entry Form Optimization Tool

Social Form Support Tool

Address Input Support Tool

Data Feed Management Tool

Spend Management Solutions

Accounting Platform


HR related

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Workforce Management Practice Implementation

LMS Solution


Software Internationalization(I18N)


Software Internationalization Tool

Software Localization Tool

Software Translation Testing Tool



Tracking Systems

Intelligent Tracking System


Telephone System

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Predictive Dialer



Drone Related

Device Control Technology



Intelligent Logistics

GTP (Goods to Person) Robots

Delivery robot

Autonomous Driving computer

Driving data acquisition solution


Inspection Robots




Display & Digital Signage Solution



Computer Games related

3D and 2D Graphics Development

CG Content Production


Web Content

Web Content Production


Social Applications

Social Games


Online Social Gaming




Bank Management System

Sales Management System

Warehouse Management System

Insurance Management System

Fire Alarm Panel

Health Management System

Electronic Purchasing System

Social Systems


Car Rental Booking





Electronic Business

Employment Website

Hotel Booking

Information Website

Internet Advertising

Ad Network

Internet Security


News Website

Online Auction

Auction Statistical Price Comparison

Online Banking

Online Communication Tools/Chat

Online Communication Tools

Communication Tools

Online Dating

Online Personal Finance

Online Gaming

Online Marketplace

Online Music

Online Securities

Online Research Platform



Price Comparison Website

E-Commerce Platforms

E-Commerce Solution




Online Payment Service

Online Convenience Store Billing

Credit Card Payment Service

Multi Payment Platform

Online Stock Trading

Payment Test tools


Online Storage

Online Storage

Online Storage Management Tool

Software-defined Storage



Online Translation

Online Travel

Online Advertising

Online Video

Photo Sharing Website

Online Directory

Sharing Economy

Social Media

Social Networking Services

Video On Demand

Video on demand (VOD)

Domain Registration

Web Portal

Online Pharmacy

Online Home Decoration

Online Classifieds

Group Buying Website

Online Real Estate

Real Estate Investments Management

Automotive Marketplace


Financial Information

Online Documents

Online Health

Digital Media

Online Lending

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Insurance

E-Commerce Tools

Shopping Cart Software

Freelance Platforms

Blog Software

Online Lottery/Casino

Web Hosting Provider

Video Hosting Software

Online Shopping

Online Scheduling

Online Reservations

Online Rental

Online Marketplaces

Online Gaming

Online Education

Online Auctions

Internet TV

Internet Radio


Web Hosting

Web Tools

Twitter Applications

Facebook Applications

Advertising Exchanges

Advertising Networks

Advertising Platforms



Blogging Platforms


Internet Infrastructure

Internet Service Providers

Online Reviews and Recommendations

Semantic Search

Semantic Web

Social Bookmarking

Social Commerce

Social CRM

Social Fundraising

Social Games

Social Media

Comparison Shopping

Social Recruiting

Social Television

Social Travel

Virtual Goods

Social Media Platforms

Social News


Digital Library

Ad Platform

C2C E-Commerce

E-Learning Apps

Electronic Money

Job Portal

Online Recruitment Services

Mini Job Portal

Online Advertisement

Online Banking

Online Beauty

Online Beauty Salon Search and Reservations

Online Books

Online Brokerage

Online Car Inspection

Online Used Car Auction


 Search and Reservations

Online Cash-back

Online Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) platform

Online Energy Marketplace

Online Fashion Store

Online Food Ordering

Online Golf Course Reservations

Online Images

Online Points

Online Recipes

Online Restaurant Reservation

Online Restaurant Platform

Online Shopping Analytics

Online Shopping Points

Online TV

Internet Leisure Services

Advertisement Delivery App

Search Tools

Web Mail

Online Calendar

Online Stickers

Online Security Tools

Map-related Products

Statistical Tools

Online Marketing Tools

Language Tools


Website Publishing Technology

Web Site Presence

Internet Access Services

Q&A Website

Web Browser Tools

Social Network Tools

Online SMS

Online Photos

VOIP Calls

Online Chat

Code Hosting

Online Photo Editor

Online Alert

Online Stocks

Online Sports

Ranking Tools

Recommendation Engine

Web Publishing

Online Spreadsheets

Online Radio

Blogger Tools

Online Presentation

Online Audio

Online Video Player

Web E-mail

Online Charts

Online Note-taking

Online Maps

News Aggregator

Online Media Player

Content Tools

Audio Ads

Trend Analyzer

Map tools

Social Media Tools

Ticket Payment System

Content Creation tools

Checkout Tools

Virtual Desk

TV Ads

Virtual Assistant


Online Supreme Services

Web Personalization Service

Online Art

Film distributor

Online Donation

Online Deals

Online Delivery

Online Ordering

Product Scan App

Music Streaming Service


Online Ticket


Digital Wallet

File Hosting Service

Blog Publishing

Instant Messaging

Online Communities

Online Magazine

Ad Technology

Gaming Platform

Social Live Streaming Platform

Online Novel

Social Networking Website

Enterprise APIs

Restaurant Review Website

Travel Review Website

Last Minute Deals Website

Incubation Space

News Platform

Online Human Translation

AI Translation   

Automatic Translation of Specialized Texts

Personal Finance Management(PFM) Software

Social Media Platform

M&A Matching Service

Cashless Payment

Online Shops Management system

Online Freelancer Marketplace




Search Engine

Horizontal Search Engine

Image Search Engine

Air Travel Search Engine

People Search Engine

Medical Search Engine

Shopping Search Engine

Social Media Search Engine


Online Marketplaces

Business app marketplace



Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Security Solution

Web Performance  Solution

Media Delivery  Solution

Network Operator  Solution

Professional Services(CDN)

DevOps Tools (CDN)


Content Delivery Network (CDN) Industry Solution

Automotive Industry Solution(CDN)

Business Services Solution(CDN)

Digital Publishing Solution(CDN)

Financial Services Solution(CDN)

Healthcare & Life Sciences Solution(CDN)

Hotel & Travel Solution(CDN)

Manufacturing Solution(CDN)

Media & Entertainment Solution(CDN)

Online Gaming Solution(CDN)

Public Sector Solution(CDN)

Retail & Consumer Goods Solution(CDN)

Software & Technology Solution(CDN)

Software as a Service Solution(CDN)

Startups Solution(CDN)









  SaaS Payment Platform


Saas Software

SaaS Solutions




Online Communities

Online Medical Community


Accounting Software

Ledger Software

Accounting Software


Mobile Videos

Short-Form Mobile Videos

Mobile Videos

Short Video Platform

Short Video Platform

Short-Form Video Mobile Application

Video Discovery Mobile Application

Video-Based Social Messaging App

Mobile Video Network


Online News

News And Video Aggregator

News And Content App

Online News




Content Discovery Platform

Content Discovery And Recommendation Mobile Application



Cloud Storage

Video Search

Social Networking Services

Online Encyclopedia

Search Ranking

Web Directory

Government Information Search

Postal Code Search

Educational Website Search

Legal Search

Patent Search

Online Gaming Community

Financial Information Website

Statistics Search

Entertainment News

Web Analytics Platform

Online Dictionary

Search Tool

Chinese-language voice assistant search services

Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific

Keyword Research Tool

Online Bookmarks

Smartphone Operating System

Online Library

"how to do" Website

Local Information Website

Webmaster Tools

Online Payment


ePayment Platform

E-Commerce Payment Solution



Push Notifications Engine




Web Infrastructure Security

Web Application Security

Automation, Orchestration, and Management

Cloud Services (aaS)

IaaS - infrastructure as a service

PaaS - platform as a service


Cloud Computing Platforms


Sales Cloud

Service Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Commerce Cloud

Communities Cloud


Financial Services Cloud

Health Care Cloud

Government Cloud

Salesforce Platform

Cloud Business Invoicing Platform


Mobile backend as a service (MBaaS)

Cloud based CRM

 Android Applications 

 iOS/Ipad Applications 

Windows Mobile Applications   


Mobile internet Software

Mobile Messaging Software

Mobile Software

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Applications

Mobile Coupons

Mobile Devices

Mobile Device Solution


Mobile Enterprise

Mobile Games

Mobile Infrastructure

Mobile Payments

Mobile Search

Mobile Security

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile App Development Platform

Mobile Messaging Service

Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

Mobile Web Applications

Mobile Apps

Mobile Productivity


Tablet App

Selfie Mobile Application

Mobile Device Management tool

Software-based VPN Solution

Location-based Mobile Advertising Platform

Location-based Social Networking Services

embedded intelligence systems

embedded OS



  Automotive Embedded Software

 telephones  Embedded Software

 modems  Embedded Software

 robots  Embedded Software

  appliances  Embedded Software

  toys  Embedded Software

 security systems Embedded Software

 pacemakers  Embedded Software

 televisions and set-top boxes  Embedded Software

  digital watches  Embedded Software

 airplanes  Embedded Software

 missiles  Embedded Software

 process control systems  Embedded Software

  printer  Embedded Software

 switches  Embedded Software

 scanner  Embedded Software

 digital camera  Embedded Software

 health care devices  Embedded Software


Electricity Utility Meter Software

Gas Utility Meter Software



IoT Devices Platform



embedded browser

embedded multimedia software

TV Viewing Software

media player Software

Smartphone PC Connection Software



HMI development tools for embedded equipment

Font Rendering Engine

Vehicle Information Transfer Software

Web Application Platform for Embedded Devices



























































































































































































 Image result for Services  clipart Services

Industry Specific Software

 IT Services-Data Centre Services

Data Center Solutions

Data Center Services


 IT Services-Security

Security Services

Managed Security Service

Incident Response

Incident Response Retainer

Compromise Assessment

Red Team Assessments

Penetration Testing

Security Program Assessment

Response Readiness Assessment

Active Directory Security Assessment

Tabletop Exercise

ICS Healthcheck

Security Enhancement

Education and Training

ThreatSpace Cyber Range

Security Transformation

Cyber Defense Center Development

Enterprise Security & Risk Management (ESRM)

Cyber Defense Resilience Services

Computer security research and consulting

Information Security Consulting



 IT Services-Mobile App Development

Mobile System Development

Mobile Solution Consulting

Mobile Application Development


 IT Services-Telecommunications

Telecom Device Testing & Certification

Long Term Evolution (LTE) Solutions

Network Virtualization Solution

Mobile Telecommunication Services

Telecommunication Network Services


 IT Services-Engineering Services

Embedded Engineering

Software Engineering

Digital Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Product Testing

PLM Services

Systems & Hardware Engineering

VLSI Design Services

Integrated Engineering Solutions (IES)

Field Quality & Cost Control Platform Services

Performance Engineering Services





CAD Services

CAM Services

CAE Services

CFD Services

Tools/Die Design Services

Reverse Engineering

CAD Automation Services

Domain Expertise

Product Engineering


 Business Services

Supply Chain Management Services

Finance and Accounting Services

Digital and Content Services

Cognitive Automation

Digital & Analytics

Cloud Native Services

Cybersecurity & GRC


Products & Platforms

DRYiCE Products


Sales & Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consulting

Cloud Marketing Services

China Entry Services

Retail Business Analysis Services

Business Design Services

Future Design Services

Product And Service Design Services

Communication Design Services

Engineering Services

Organization Design Services

Content Services

Prediction / Analysis Services

Strategic Consulting


 Managed Infrastructure Services

24x7 Help Desk

Network Services

End User Computing & End Point Security

Infrastructure Application Support Services

Data Center Services

DevOps Services

IT Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Management Services (IMS)

Infrastructure Optimization Services

Network Design Services

IT Managed Services

Program Delivery Services


Application Managed Services

Application Managed Services

Application Transformation Management

Legacy Systems Migration

Application Development and Maintenance Services

System Integration Services

Application Modernization

Cloud Systems Integration Services


 IT Services-SEO


Planning & Design

Project Planning

Market Analysis

UX & UI Design


 Custom Software Development

Application Development & Management

Mobile Applications and Web Services

Business applications

Legacy Migration


IT services

CAE Development

Product Engineering

Database Consulting

Custom Embedded Software Development

Custom Software Development

Application Development

Wearable Applications

Application Maintenance

Offshore Software Product Development

Business Application/System Development

Enterprise Software Development

Research and Development

Cloud Application development

Open Source Cloud software development

Next-Gen Technologies

Outsourcing Services

Financial Engineering Services

Blockchain Technology Services

Smart phone Apps Development

Web Development Services

Game Development Services

Custom Software Development

 IT Services-Web Design and Development

Website Design & Development


Internet Marketing

Online Marketing Services

Online Marketing Solutions

Internet Market Research Services

Data Marketing Services

Testing Services

Custom Web Development

Cloud/Server Application Development

Web Application Development

eCommerce Integrations

Drupal Development

Web and Mobile Development

Graphics Design Services

Application Development & Maintenance Services (ADMS)

Enterprise Architecture Services

Cybersecurity Consulting

Enterprise Consulting

QNX Professional Services

Digital Marketing Services



Digital Enterprise Services

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital CPE(Cost Per Engagement)

Digital Transformation Framework

Digital Interactive Consulting

Digital Integration Consulting

Social Media Marketing Services

Video Production

Advertising Services

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

E-commerce Services

UX Design Services

UX/UI Design Services


Digital Consulting

Digital Platform Services

Data Analysis Services

Big Data Analytics Solution

Biometric Authentication Solution

UI/UX Services

Web Marketing ROI Solution


 IT Services-Game Development

Mobile Games

Video game publishing

Game Development

VR Development Services

Game Development Services

Market Launch Services

Web Marketing

Market and product localization

Localization Services

Software Globalization & Localization

Marketing Services


Hardware Development


Hardware Development



 IT Services-Cloud Implementation

Cloud & Infrastructure Services

Cloud Solution

Cloud Implementation


 IT Services-Infrastructure

Data Center Services

Workplace Services

Network Services & UCC

Mainframe and IBM i (AS/400)

DRYiCE Autonomics & Orchestration

SIAM for Infrastructure

Application Operations

Infrastructure Services

Network system research and consulting

Content Delivery Networks Consulting

IT & Network Operations Automation Platform Services

IBM Power Solutions

Infrastructure and Cloud Services

Cloud Services


 IT Services-ERP Implementation


SAP ERP Implementation

Microsoft ERP Implementation

Oracle ERP Implementation

ERP Implementation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation Implementation

SAP Implementation 

Oracle Implementation

Microsoft Implementation 

Pegasystems Implementation 

Salesforce Implementation 

Workday Implementation 

ERP Consulting and Implementation

Oracle Implementation Implementation

Microsoft ERP Implementation

Maximo Implementation

JD Edwards Implementation


 Business Consulting

Business Consulting


AI Consulting

AI System Development

AI System Implementation

Computer software Consulting

Business Process Services

Privacy Consulting

Organizational Change Management(OCM) Consulting

Next Generation Workspace Consulting

Design Studio Consulting

IPO Consulting

Organizational Change Services

Legal Services

Customer Support & Community Management

Branding Services

Organization Design Services

Business Process Outsourcing

Software Platform Services


 IT Consulting

Testing Services

Digital Operations and Platforms

FinTech Consulting

IT Service Management

System Integration

Software Consulting

Project Management Services

Digital Transformation Services

Business Management Systems Optimization

Digital Consulting

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and Analytics Services

Business Transformation Consulting

Business Process Consulting 

Information Technology (IT) Consulting

Operational Excellence Consulting 

Big Data Consulting

New Generation Supply Chain Solutions

PLM Services

Robotic Process Automation Platform Services

Robotic Process Automation Services

Testing Services

Professional Testing & Performance Engineering

Artificial Intelligence Consulting

Blockchain  Consulting

IT Consulting

Delivery Optimization Services

Managed Services Services

Managed Services

BPO/KPO Services

Robotic Process Automation Services

Test Automation Services

Security Testing Services

Performance Improvement Consulting

Strategic Enhancement Consulting

Management Innovation Consulting

Next-generation Technology Support Consulting

Software Testing Services

IoT Development Services

ROBOTICS Development Services

MOBILE Development Services

Data Analysis Services

Security Service

Test Consulting Service

Localization Service

Customer Support Service

Managed services

Support services

Technical services


 AI services

Image Recognition Services

Deep Learning Services

Factory Automation Services

AI Development Services


 Business Process Outsourcing Services


Business Process Outsourcing Services

Contact Center

Finance and Accounting Outsourcing

Human Resource Outsourcing

Web Content Management

IT Support Service


 Accounting Services

IFRS Services

Tax Services

Auditing Services



IoT Solutions

Internet of Things (IOT) Solutions

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

IoT & Embedded Engineering

Internet of Things Consulting

IoT Software


Solutions Design And Development

Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions

Video Surveillance Solution


Monitoring Solutions

Interactive Solutions

Edge Computing Solutions


Embedded Systems Development

Device Driver and Firmware Development

SDK Development

Protocol System Development


Embedded Product Development


Embedded Software Development


Cloud, Mobile And Desktop Applications Development

Optical and Image Processing Applications

Recognition, Matching, Data Authoring Applications

SDK Development

Printing Solutions

Printer Driver Development


Research And Development Of Next-Generation Technologies And Platforms

AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning for intelligent computing systems

IoT for varied device integration

Blockchain for decentralized applications

DRYiCE Autonomics & Orchestration

SIAM for Applications


Quality Assurance

Design and Development of Automation Tools

Business Assurance & Testing

Digital Consulting

Assurance Services

QA Services

Software Debugging Service

 Specific Industry Development

Finance System Development

Medical System Development


 Localization Services

Entertainment Localization

Creative Localization

 Professional Services

Project Management Services

Consulting Services

Training & Testing Services

Support Services

FinnEdge Services

Analytics Services

Software Internationalization(18N) Services

Multilingualization Services

Engineering Services

Construction Services

Procurement Services

Feasibility Studies


 Green Solutions

Green and Sustainability Solutions



Smart City

Smart Grid Solutions

Smart City Platform

Internet of Things

Smart Home

Smart Home Solution

HEMS (Home Energy Management System)

Smart Energy Solution

Safety Solution


Smart City

Smart Cars



Data & Analytics Implementation

Predictive Analytics Platform Services

Managed Data Services

Big Data Solutions

Data, Analytics & AI

Data & Analytics Consulting

Scaling Analytics Services

Analytics and AI services

Customer Analytics

Data Mining Services

Database Implementation Services

Data Analysis Consulting




Management Consulting Strategy

Management Consulting Operations

Management Consulting Technology Consulting

Management Consulting Security

Management Consulting Blockchain

Management Consulting Finance

Management Consulting Customer Insight & Growth

Management Consulting Supply Chain & Operations

Management Consulting Talent & Organization

Management Consulting Digital Strategy

Management Consulting Application Services

Management Advice

Management Consulting

Entrepreneurial Services

Family Business Services

Sustainability Services



GPU Software Services

C to RTL Design Services

Hardware Services


 Systems Engineering Services






Aerospace Vertical

Airport Operation Management System


Airline Vertical

Passenger Service Systems (PSS)

Computer Reservations System (CRS)

Global Distribution System (GDS)


Automotive Vertical

Rear View Assistance System

Automotive Electronics

In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

Automotive Parts Design and Development

CATIA Development

CAE Analysis Product Design and Development

Computer System and Control Software Design and Development

Simulation Software Development

Mobile-based Connected Car Platform


Agriculture Software

Sports Software



Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Data Management Platform (DMP)


Banking Vertical

Liquidity management

Treasury Management Systems (TMS)

Core Banking System (CBS)

Equities trading applications

Electronic Trading Systems

Payment and Settlement Systems

Payment Solution

Internet banking system

ATM banking (Automated Teller Machine)

Loan management system

Credit management system

Investment management system

Stock market management system

Financial management system

Switching Software

Credit Card Software

Payment Gateway Software

pre settlement & settlement system

Mobile Banking Software

Anti-Money Laundering

Banking Software

Financial Fraud Detection Software

Financial Data Management

Financial System Integration

Electronic Agency Brokerage

Hedge Fund Software

Investment Management Software

Financial Risk Management Software

Risk Management Software

Stock Portfolio Management Software

Anti-money laundering software

Raptor Implementation

Execution management systems (EMSs)

Order Management System (OMS)

Electronic Trading Solutions

Fixed Income EMS

Trading Platform

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Proprietary Trading System (PTS)


Broadcasting & Cinema

Broadcasting & Cinema System



Capital Markets Vertical

Market Data Platform

Buy-side Solution

Sell-side Solution

Global connectivity Solution

Market Data Platform

Post-trade Services

Training Services



Chemicals Vertical

Communication Service Providers Vertical

Communications Vertical

Construction Vertical

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Software


Consumer Electronics Vertical

Defense Vertical


E-commerce Vertical

Online Store Construction and Management ASP Service


Education Vertical

Exam Management Solution


Electronics Vertical

Energy Vertical

New Energy Economy Research


Engineering Vertical

Entertainment Vertical

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Vertical

Financial Services Vertical

FinTech Vertical


Financial Services

Financial Lending Software

Transaction Banking

Lending Analytics

Financial Services Platform

Asset Management RPA

Asset Management Marketing RPA

AFC Clearing Centre (ACC)

Financial Data Information Platform


Food and beverage Vertical


Dimare Implementation


Gas Vertical

Government Vertical


Freight Forwarding Industry Solution


HealthCare Vertical

Electronic medical record (EMR) systems

Electronic health record (EHR) systems

Patient Portal

Dental Software

Pharmacy Software

Scheduling software

Medical Billing


Prescriptions and medicines management

Disease management


Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) 

Public health and biosurveillance

laboratory information management system (LIMS)

Medical information systems

Patient Administration System (PAS)

Operating Theatre Management System

Laboratory Information Management System

Booking Management System

Appointment Management System

Hospital Costing System

Medical Software

Bioinformatics Software

Electronic Medical Records (EHR) Software

Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)

Dental Software

Clinical Trials Management System

Radiology Visualization Solutions

Clinical Packages

Clinical data management (CDM)

Medical Communications Platform

Healthcare Solutions

Medical image analysis solutions

Image Analysis Platform

Image Analysis Solution

Medical Imaging Products

Microscope Image Analyse

3-D Medical Image Processing Software

3-D Medical Image Processing Software

Ultrasound Training Simulator

radiation image simulator



Clinical Trial Study

Clinical Trial Analytics

Clinical Trial Management

Clinical Trial Data Management

Clinical Trial Planning

Clinical Trial Platform



Laboratory Information Management System(LIMS)

EMS (Emergency Medical Service) software

Home Health Monitoring


Hi-Tech Vertical

Personal Services Software

Hospital Vertical

Hospital System Development

Hospitality Vertical

Industrial Vertical


Insurance Vertical

Insurance Platform


Jewelry Vertical


Legal Vertical

Real-time Legal Research

EHS Law Research


Life Sciences Vertical


Manufacturing Vertical

Industrial Control System

Production and Inventory Management System

Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software

3D Measurement & Metrology Software

Marketing Vertical

After Sales Warrant Solution

Marketing & Customer Retention Platform Services

Customer Management Platform Services

Social Media Management Platform Services


Market research Vertical

Media Vertical

Medical Devices Vertical

Natural Resources Vertical

Network Equipment Vertical

Oil Vertical

Online Services Vertical

Pharmaceutical Vertical

Politics Vertical

Professional Services Vertical

Public Services Vertical

Real estate Vertical

Religion Vertical


Retail Vertical

Retail Electronics

Retail Industry Business Analysis


Science and research Vertical

Securities and Capital Markets Vertical

Space Vertical

Sports Vertical

Technology Vertical


Telecommunications Vertical

Short Message Internet Access Solution (SMIAS)

Message Communication Payment Platform (MCPP)

Multi-Province Industry Application Gateway (MPIAG)

Small Enterprise Mobile Application Platform (SMAP)

Telecom Business Support System iBSSj

Telecom Operation Support System iOSSj

Radio & TV Business Support System


Transportation  Vertical

All-in-one Card System

Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC)


Transportation System









Travel Vertical

Utilities Vertical

Wireless Vertical

Architecture Software

Auto Repair Shops

Automotive Retail Software

Automotive Software

Bakery Software

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) software

Exploration Software

Farm Management Software


Finance & Insurance Software



Financial Services Software

Food Software

Forestry Software

Geology Software


Government Vertical

Government Software

Political News Platform


Jail Management Software

Legal Software

Marine Software

Mining Software

Museum Software

Nonprofit Software

Pharmacy Software

Police Software

Religious Software

Restaurant Software

Transportation Software

Intelligent Transport


Travel Agency Software

Veterinary Software

Winery Software

Aviation Software

Car Rental Software

Construction Software


Delivery Software

Fire Department Software

Funeral Software


Hotel Management Software


Library Management Software

Medical Software

Oil and Gas Software

Parking Management Software


Property Management

Property Management Software

Real Estate Software

Retail Management System

Retail Software

School Administration Software

Small Business Software

Waste Management Software

Clothing Industry Software

Education Software

Fitness Software

Fundraising Software

Health Care Software



Public Institution

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) Software






Real-time Tax Research



Digital Signage Network / System (DSN/DSS)

Passenger Information System (3i-PIS)

Vehicular Entertainment System (VES)



Security Operations Center (SOC)

Network Application Monitoring




On-demand Services

On-demand Medical Services




Ad Management

Ad Inventory Optimization

Advertising Sales Solutions

Television Traffic Solutions

Rights & Programming Solutions

Media Financial Software

Media Analytics Software


Targeted Delivery Advertising

Video Streaming Solution

Dynamic Advertising

Video Delivery Network



Media Playout

Automation & Asset Management Solution

Integrated Playout Solution

NAS (Network-Attached Storage)

Video Servers

Master Control and Graphics






 Related imageGames and Entertainment Software      

Related image Gaming Hardware

 PC Games

Online Games

Android Games

iOS Games

Nintendo Games

Switch Games

PlayStation Games

Vita Games

Wii Games

Xbox Games

Casino Slot Machines Games

In-flight Entertainment

TV Games

Browser Games

Mobile Games

Console Games

Community Games

Arcade Games

PlayStation 4 Games

PlayStation 3 Games

PlayStation Vita Games

PlayStation 2 Games

PlayStation  Games

PlayStation Portable Games

Nintendo Switch Games

Wii Games

Nintendo 3DS Games

Nintendo DS Games

GameCube Games

Game Boy Advance Games

Xbox One Games

Xbox 360 Games

Xbox Games

iOS Games

Android Games

Steam  Games

PC Games

Mobile Games

Wonder Swan Color Games

Android Games

Nintendo Switch Games

Mac Games

PlayStation 4 Games

Xbox One Games

PC Games

iOS Games


Game engine & middleware

Game apps

Social games



Mobage Games

Y! Mobage Games

GREE Games


Game Publishing



Gaming PC 


Game Console


Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo 64

Nintendo DS


Nintendo Switch

Game Boy

Nintendo Wii  

Nintendo Wii U







PlayStation Portable




Casino Slot Machines

In-flight Entertainment Hardware

TV Gaming Hardware


Game Controllers





Throttle quadrant

Steering wheel



Keyboard and mouse


Breathing controllers

Motion sensing

Light gun

Rhythm game controllers










 Image result for Mainframe  icon Mainframe Software

 Image result for Supercomputer  icon High Performance Computing (HPC) Software for


Application Analysis

Application Development

Batch Management

Business Intelligence

Business Process Management

Change Management


Configuration Management

Console Automation

DASD/Dataset Management

Data Export

Data Manipulation

Data Transfer




Disaster Recovery






Information Management

IT Governance management

JCL/Job Management

Legacy Migration

License Management

Mainframe E-mail

Management Information

Middleware management


Multiple Session Management

Network Management

Office Functions

Operating System

Operating System Management

Output Management

Performance Management

Problem Management

QA management

Report Management

Resource Management

SAP Business


Schedule Management

Security Management

Session Manager


SOA/Business Integration

Storage Management

Systems Management

Tape Management

Test Management


Workplace Management

XML Management








Oil and Gas Exploration

Weather forecasting

Aerodynamic research

Probabilistic analysis

Radiation Shielding Modeling

Code Breaking

Nuclear Test simulations

Molecular Dynamics Simulation


                        Image result for computer Hardware   clipart Computer Hardware



PC Hardware



Audio Input Devices

Input Devices

Keyboard mouse set



Composite input devices

Web Camera






Display Card



Graphic card

Hard Drives

Internal Hard Drives

External Hard Drives


integrated circuit (IC) cards

Interface card

Central processing unit (CPU

Random access memory

Disk controller



Heat Sinks

Multimedia computer module

Computer Modules

PC Buses

Backplane Modules


Accelerator board








Output Devices







Production Systems


Multifunction Devices



Data Center Hardware

Storage Hardware




Firewall Hardware



Network Component

Network Component Wireless

Application Delivery Controller

Network Technology

Networking Hardware


Computer Network Hardware



Networking & Infrastructure Hardware



Processing Solutions

Transcoding Solutions

Encoding Solutions

Command & Control Solutions

Test & Measurement Solutions


Desktop PC




Industrial Computers

Industrial Computers Motherboards

Industrial Microcomputer

Industrial Monitors

Network Component industrial application


Mainframe Computer


High Performance Computer

HPC Computer


Embedded Computers


Mobile PC


Bedside Infotainment System



Data Center Switches

LAN Switches

Industrial Switching

Small-Business Switches



Virtual Routers

Industrial Routers

Aggregation Services Routers

Edge Routers

Integrated Services Router (ISR)



Network Security

Firewall Hardware

Network Security Hardware

Industrial Security Hardware

Network Security






Blade Servers

Rack Servers

Tower Servers


Digital Print Servers

Digital Print Servers


Inkjet Printing and Proofing

Nozomi single-pass printer for corrugated

VUTEk Superwide Printers

EFI Superwide Roll-to-Roll Printers

EFI Wide Format Printers

Ceramic Tile Printers

Reggiani Textile

Fiery for Inkjet

Genuine EFI Inks & Coatings

Cubik for building materials

EFI Reggiani Inks


Server Hardware

Server OEM

Storage OEM


Battery Storage Systems Providers




Cloud Storage Hardware

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Hardware

Storage Servers

Tape Storage Hardware

All-Flash Arrays (AFA) Hardware



Outdoor Access Points

Indoor Access Points

Small-Business Wireless Hardware

HyperConverged Systems Hardware

Fabric Interconnects

Biometric Reader

Videoconferencing Device

Thin Client Solution




Smart Glasses


Embedded Systems

Fiber Optic Devices

Integrated IT Infrastructure

Network Products


Mobile Phone Services


Mobile Device Repair

Mobile Device Guarantee


Telephone Systems

Voice Systems