Team Work Preferences


Work Style




1.       I do not mind if my colleague (who has the same age as me, and does the same job) earns more than me (He or she might be more experienced, intelligent….)


2.       I prefer that my colleagues:


Come from a variety of countries (international)


 Come from these specific countries: 

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I do NOT have a preference for where my colleagues are from.


3.       Which of the following statements is MOST like you.

My colleagues are also my friends.

  I am friends with some of my colleagues.

I refrain from being friends with my colleagues.


4.       My colleagues should have at least a

Bachelor’s degree or higher

Master’s degree or higher

Ph.D. degree or higher

Hmmm, I have no preferences regarding my colleagues’ academic qualifications.


5.       I prefer to be on a team where:

I am more “capable” than others. (So that I can move up in the company.)

 My capability is more or less the same as other team members.

Other team members are smarter than me. (I love to be surrounded by people who are smarter than me.)


Work Style

6.       It is good if a project is a bit understaffed, so that everyone has to work a bit harder.

7.       I can work effectively for up to 8 hours. After that, I am tired and not effective.

8.       Adding more people to the project does not decrease completion time.

9.       Results are more important to me than the process it takes to get there.


10.   Most important for me in making a product or delivering a service is: “How it helps society?”

11.   I use the products I make myself to get an idea of what they feel like to other users.

12.   Releasing a new product or service is like: “a New Year’s Eve Party” for me. (It is very exciting.)

13.   I want to make a great product: simple, beautiful (visually appealing) and usable.

14.   The products I make are an extension of me. (i.e. My babies.)

15.   I like to work on projects that have never been done before and contribute something new to the world.