1.       I donít mind if my boss is younger than me.

2.       It is better to work for a good boss who is easy to work with, THAN for a visionary (like Steve Jobs), who is hard to deal with.

3.       My company should promote people from within to be managers, rather than hiring people from other companies.

4.       My boss should come from:  

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Any country is fine, but I MOST prefer having a boss from Image result for text input field(Multiple Selection)

5.       I would think twice before joining a company in which I would have a boss from: Image result for text input fieldMultiple Selection. In (Select Country)


6.       My favorite management style is:


Visionary (Manager sees company 10 years in the future, and he or she leads employees to that goal.)


Democratic (Employees are involved in decision making, and company takes decision of majority. Everybody in the company is more or less same.)

Transformational (Innovation is key. Manager pushes their employees to excel and push the limit. He or she challenges employees. He or she motivates by incentives and rewards.)

Coaching (Manager wants employee to grow. He or she teaches them skills. He or she believes that failures are learning opportunities.)


Autocratic (Manager makes decision and employees follow.)

Consultative (Manager asks opinion of employees, but in the end, he or she makes decision.)

Servant (Manager makes employees happy, and in return expects them to put in their best effort.)

Persuasive (Manager asks opinions of competent employees and follows their advice.)

Laissez-faire (Manager leaves employees to do tasks. He or she does not do too much supervision. He or she does not convey vision, nor gives guidance.)

Management By Walking Around (MBWA) (Manager occasionally comes to employee seat, and asks how things are going? What are working on now?...... )


7.       My manager should have domain experience. (He or she should have technical experience in the production of products or services. For example, he or she started career as a technical person.)


Which statement is MOST like you?


8.       My manager:

My manager should know more about my job than I do, so that I can learn from him or her.

I do not expect my manager to know more about my job than myself.