PAGE 1: My Current Status



1.       Where are you in your job search?

                   Not looking for a job at all.

                     Looking for all opportunities

2.       I am NOT looking for a job, BUT I would consider changing jobs, IF at least 1 of the below requirements is met:

 There is a job opportunity at this companyImage result for text input field

3.       Job Occupation is Image result for text input field  

4.       Job location is in Image result for text input field  (Select City)




5.       I want to

 Get a job ASAP. I can start to work immediately. I am open to many opportunities. (E-mail: You will get emails on a daily basis.)

         Find a job within 1-3 months (E-mail: You will get e-mails on a weekly basis.).

I am not in a hurry. I am looking for a job within about a year. (E-mail: You will get an e-mail every 3 months.)


6.       I can start working for a new company:, 1,2,3,4,5,6) months after signing an offer letter.


7.       I am looking for:


Full-time job only

 Contract only

Both are fine for me.

8.       I want to work remotely.

 I want to work in office



9.       Are you looking for regular employee or manager role?

 Regular Employee

  Manager role in charge of at least    number of people.


 Both options are fine for me.



10.   I want to work in: Private Sector:                Company                                  Private University                   Company research institute/lab

11.   I want to work in: Public Sector:                     State-owned company     University/Lab                           Research institute/lab                                      Government


PAGE 2: Desired Job and Career Path



12.   The job I am looking for is:

My first job choice is: Job Occupation)

My second job choice is: (Select Job Occupation)

13.   In my next job, I would like to

Use these skills: Image result for text input field (For example: data analysis, coding, refatoring...)

get these skills: Image result for text input field (For example: Algorithm, icon design..)

14.    I want a job where I am the only person who does that type of job in a company. (For example, HelpDesk Support Person in a real estate company.)


15.    I am interested in

First Choice:      Generated button

Second Choice: Generated button

Third Choice:    Generated button


Fourth Choice: Generated button


16.   I want a job that is a Mix of: Tasks) and Tasks)


17.   In the next job I want to get these skills: (LIMIT 5)

Image result for text input field

18.   I am looking for: An internal position (WITHIN my company) I can work for my company subsidiary, group or related company, or in a branch in a new country. An external position (OUTSIDE of my company or group companies)



19.   I would like to have a job where I can travel/work between Image result for text input field(type city) and Image result for text input field(type city). (For example: Singapore and Tokyo.)


20.   I would like to get as many skills as possible in a short period of time.

21.   I am frustrated that I cannot finish as much work as I would like.


22.   In the future I plan:

To remain an individual contributor. (I do not want to manage people.)

 To become a people manager.

 To become a technical manager (lead people as a technical guru.)


23.   POWER, STATUS, ACHIEVEMENT I am a person who wants to be powerful in a company. I want to have a good job title. I want to make achievements in a company. I want to make a difference, BUT I do not want to be famous.




I like when my job is specific, and I do not want to do things that are outside of my job description.

 “That is not my job” does not exist in my vocabulary. I can do many things to help the team achieve goals.

 Job descriptions are not written in stone. Sometimes I can do things that are not written in my job description.



25.   I want to be more of a

Generalist: I want to do many tasks and gain many skills.

Specialist: I want to master my job. I want to focus on a few tasks.


26.   When my boss tells me to do a task that I have never done before, I say:

 “Sure. I have never done it, but I will find out a way to do it. ” (Do research on Internet, read a book, ask someone…….)

 Sorry, I can’t do it. I don’t know how.

I can do it, but my colleague XXXX is much better than me.


PAGE 4: Local or Global Career


27.   I am looking for a job within thisImage result for text input fieldcountry.

28.   I am interested to work in these cities: Image result for text input field (If you do not specify city, system will show you ALL cities in that country.)



Which statement BEST describes you?


29.   I would like to work abroad.

 I never considered working in another country. But, I will think about it now.

 I am open to working abroad, sure why not?

I would never work abroad.

I want to work abroad someday, but just not now.


30.   I have a work permit (I have visa) to work in these countries: (Multiple Selection)




Which of the following statements BEST describes you?


31.    I would like to work in a foreign country, but after a few years, I would like to go back to my home country.

 I want to work in a foreign country, but I am not sure whether I would stay there or not.

 I want to emigrate to another country. I want to live and become a citizen of this country: .



32.   The country I am willing to emigrate to should offer:

 High salary

 High standard of Living

 Low taxes


 Low corruption, nepotism

 Peaceful environment

 Good political situation

 Good education for children


33.   My primary reason to emigrate is: “I think I can accomplish so much more in another country.” (I can grow financially and professionally.)


34.   I want to work in this region:  Generated button 

35.   If you could work anywhere in the world, which of the following statements MOST describes where you would want to work.


  Anywhere in the world is fine. I am open to suggestions. 

 I want to live anywhere where the “quantity of life is good.“ (I can save a lot of money.)

 I want to live anywhere where the “quality of life is good.” Salary is not the most important consideration. I also consider the quality of life: education, crime level, work-life balance……


36.   Developed and Developing Countries

I ONLY want to work in:

 Developing Countries

 Developed Countries



37.   My dream country to work in is:

My dream city to work in is:

38.    If I can not find a job in my dream country/city now, I am willing to work in another country/city, IF it will greatly increase my chances to work in my dream country/city (For example, if you want to work in the US, but you can get job in Canada which would make it is easier to eventually find a job in the US )


International Assignment

39.   How would you feel about working an international assignment in which a company sends you abroad for 1-2 years to work in their foreign office. That would be great. I would like to get experience in these countries: Image result for text input field(AD MULTIPLE COUNTRIES) An international assignment would be good, but not required. I would need to think about it. would not be interested in an international assignment.



PAGE 5: Work Hours




I Work  hours per week

2.       I have:  hours per week PAID Overtime

3.       I have:  hours per week UNPAID Overtime




I like to work a maximum of  hours per week. (I go home on time.)

  I am fine if there is occasionally overtime that is not paid (project deadline.)

 I can work overtime, BUT I want all overtime to be paid.


41.   Flexible hours:

 I need flexible hours (I will work at the office 8 hours, but I want to have the flexibility to come in at 9:00, 10:00 or 11:00 AM, etc.).

  Flexible hours would be good, but not necessary.

No need for flexible hours.


Work from home:


  I want to work from home.

  Working from home would be good, but not necessary.

I prefer to work in the office.


PAGE 8: Leaving Current Company


5.       My Overall Happiness level in my current company is:

6.       LEAVING COMPANY: If I leave my company today, it would be because:

Choose ALL that apply:


Low salary

Lack of benefits



 This job is too challenging for me. (I feel underqualified.)

 This job is NOT challenging enough for me. (I feel overqualified.)




Don’t like boss / Boss doesn't honor commitments


 I am working hard, but no one sees it.

Wrong people were promoted or fired

Lack of recognition or rewards

 Unclear goals

Bad management/leadership 

 I feel undervalued in my current role.

 My employer does not care about employees

 Lack of communication and support from a manager

 Manager favors specific people





       Overworked (My salary is good. I am paid overtime, but I just cannot work so much.)

 Overworked because some colleagues left, and the company has not hired replacements. We work more .

 Underworked (Nothing to do. I feel bored)

 Overworked and underpaid.

 Unmanageable workload. We are understaffed.


Don't enjoy work

Unable to pursue passions

No flexible hours.

 Unreasonable time pressure

 My job role is not clear. I do not know what I need to do.


   Too much internal competition. My ideas get sunk in the sea of other bright ideas. I cannot work on projects I like, since other people get selected.

         Don't get along with coworkers


 Unfair treatment

 Organizational politics

I work very hard, but my colleagues are not very motivated.


Company instability

Lack of career advancement, career training

Company demotivated me, by “stupid rules.” For example, they docked my salary because I left for home 15 minutes earlier.

 Company is downsizing/restructuring

 I am laid off or let go.

 Company bankrupted

  “I am frustrated with the status quo.”

 My values no longer align with the company mission.


 Too much bureaucracy. Nothing can be done fast.





 I want a job with better career growth opportunities.

I want to change career paths.

I just want to find a better opportunity.

I want to work in a different industry.

I am looking for a new challenge.

 I want to work for a big company.

 I want to work for a small company.

 I want to useImage result for text input field (Select Spoken Language) in my new job.


13.   PERSONAL/OTHER          

 I am leaving for health reasons.

 I am leaving due to family or personal reasons.

 I am not leaving. I just finished my studies.



 My spouse moved to a new location, so I need to follow him/her.

Commute was too long

Company relocation


15.   OTHER

 The company does not have any project for me.

I was on Sabbatical.

 Well, I checked what I comfortable to say. BUT, you can check the company review online. (You would get a better idea why people leave.)




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1.       When I want to join a company, I base my decision on many things. If I had to rank them according to importance, I would rank them in this way: button


  Generated button

 Generated button


Generated button


 Generated button

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