Company Preference


1.       I would like to work for company IF CEO is famous guy (for example, Steve Jobs.)

2.       My ideal company is:


3.       Company type

(Public Company (listed on stock exchange)),

(Private (owned by 1 or more persons)),

(Sole Proprietorship (owned by 1 person))

(Does not matter)


4.       I want to work for company that is:






5.       I want to work for:

Domestic firm (in my country)

From this country:  (select country)

Any one is fine

6.       Blacklist: Do not show jobs in these companies: Image result for text input field write specific name.


Companies from these countries:  (multiple selection)

Specific industry:          (list of industries)



7.       I want to work for:

 Similar companies/products that I used to work.

 Different companies/products that I used to work for.

 I would like to work on these products:   (Select multiple) (This list needs to come from: Select Product/Services Categories:)


8.       I am looking for job in:

Within current country

Within  please select (20, 50, 100 kilometers) from my home

 Anywhere in the world

In these countries:  (select country)

9.       I am looking for:


Full time job only

 Contract only

Any one is fine

10.   Show me jobs with salaries not less than:

Image result for combobox button JPY.


1.       In my company, I prefer to have

 Open work space

   Own Office/cubicle

2.       Flexible hours:

 I need flexible hours (I will work at office 8 hours, but I want to have flexibility to come at 9:00, 10:00 or 11:00 AM ).

  Flexible hours would be good, but not necessary.

No need flexible hours.

3.       I prefer to wear:

Business suit

 Business casual cloth

Either business or casual is fine.

4.       Work from home:

  I want to work from home.

  Working from home would be good, but not necessary.

I prefer to work in office.


5.       I would not join Company IF People work over: 220 hours per month (10 hours per day)

6.       I prefer company that has: “engineering culture” (technical people are driving company), rather “sales culture.”

7.       Allocate 100 points to 6 preferences on choosing the right company?

           Influence on world  

           Career Growth

           Interesting projects/ products

           Salary/Benefits program

           Company culture

           Job Stability

8.       My best work place is (Select multiple):

       Generated button, Generated button, Generated button, Generated button, Generated button, Generated button, Generated button, Generated button

9.       Meetings should be short, like 10-30 minutes per day maximum.

You and your Career

10.   Where are you in your job search?

 Not looking for job

   Open ONLY for these opportunities:

Image result for text input field Write Company name

  Select Salary

  Select Position

  Select Location

  Looking for all opportunities

11.   Are you looking for regular employee or manager role?

 Regular Employee


 Any one is fine


12.   LEAVING COMPANY: If I leave company today, it would be because:

Choose as many that applies:

         Low salary


         Didn't get along with coworkers

         Didn't like boss / Boss didn't honor commitments

         Didn't enjoy work

         Commute was too long

       Wrong people were promoted or fired

       Employers didn't care about employees

       Company Instability

         Lack of Career Advancement, Career Training

         Lack of recognition or reward

       Lack of benefits

         Unable to pursue passions

         Unclear goals

        “I am frustrated with status quo.”

                         Too much internal competition. My ideas get sank in the sea of other bright ideas. I cannot work on projects I like, since other people get selected.






1.       I want to work for:

             Technology Company (like Google, Facebook,……)

IT User firm (like bank, insurance, real estate).

2.       Company Specialties Image result for combobox button

(E-commerce, Card & Payments, Life & Leisure support services, Communications & Energy & Mobile, Investment, Sports, Digital Contents, Open EC, AD, Affiliate, Securities, Bank, Insurance, Travel, and Mobile)

3.       It should offer



Does not matter