1.  Create New Job

JOB Posting:


-Select country

-Select Office

-Select Product Category   (Website will show Products/Services company has.)

-Select Team  or Create New Team



-I want to candidate to come from: ___________ (SELECT COMPANY) who worked on this product__________ (Select Products/Services that company has.)


-Experience with  (Options: 1,2,3,4,5) or more general purpose programming languages.


Educational requirement:

 PhD in:                     (Multiple selection) Related image  Must Have Related image  Nice to have

 Master Degree in  (Multiple selection) Related image  Must Have Related image  Nice to have or higher

 Bachelor degree in (Multiple selection)Related image  Must Have Related image  Nice to have or higher

Explanation for Alex: Select degree. So, you can select for example: Computer Science, Engineering, Robotics etc.

So, candidates who have degree in either Computer Science, Engineering or Robotics will be matched.



MUST have Skills:

Generated button

I would be happy If candidate has  (Options: 1,2,3,4,5) out of 5 skills.


Ask Questions to Candidates: 

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(For example: Do you have experience in distributed systems?)

Limit 3 questions per job positing.

2.  Other


User can EDIT experiences.


For each experience, user needs to include technical skills.







Video based resume.


Ones, user clicks on photo, youtube video is loaded in the place of photo.




Logos need to be smaller and beautiful.


For Technical Skills Graph:


Highlight Skills used in Current company by making background color Green.

Programming logics:


When candidate fills information.

FROM year, needs to be always lower than TO year.